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Vive has metabolic boosters and nutrients that specifically target better energy potential for more endurance and quicker recovery. Vive is also loaded with antioxidants that
are very important for atheletes.
Just have a Vive shake 30 minutes
before your workout or event for better energy and endurance or after as replenishment to aid in recovery.
Vive has an amazing array of over 120 naturally ocurring antioxidants. In addition, it contains phytosterols that may provide heart protection and a daily dose of magnesium. Antioxidants counter the ffects of oxidation, a naural process of our metabolism, by neutralizing free radicals. One serving of Vive is like consuming a shake full of highly absorbable Superfoods. Use Vive Shake as a meal replacement twice per day. Vive is made from real foods including a blend of organic veggies, rice bran, and rice germ, blueberries, apples, dark coca, kale, and natural fat burning ingredients. Think of Vive as a meal replacement or snack and supplements all in one! Just have two shakes, three healthy snacks and one nutritional meal per day.
"Before using Vive I was a borderline Type II Diabetic. I no longer skip breakfast. It is so easy to shake up some Vive as I run out the door. It is a great pre-workout drink and my blood sugar levels are now in normal range!" - W.L. "I have lost 7 pounds since starting Vive. I skip one meal a day and drink a Vive shake instead. I have more energy and am losing weight in a halthy way. I have more clarity and I love both flavors."
"The use of Vive is a difference maker for the football team at J.F. Byrnes High School. The correct balance of carbs, fats and proteins provide the natural boost short and long term energy an athlete needs to finish a game or a training session. I feel it is the best supplement and the best value on the market. Vive mixes easily in a shaker cup with water and is readily available for consumption."
- Michael Srock, Coach
"As a registered dietition and also a new mother, Vive is the perfect nutrition shake to fit my very busy lifestyle while also helping to ensure I reach my nutrition needs. Packed with vitamins and minerals, along with a healthy dose of probiotics as well as antioxidants, Vive helps to keep me satisfied so I can focus on everything else I need to take care of"

- Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LD, CLT

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