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Becki and Aunt Ellen
                   Becki and Aunt Ellen

Story of renewed spirit and life.

My beloved Aunt Ellen is 86 years old and the last surviving sibling of my Mother’s generation. Over the past few years I noticed a definite decrease in vitality. She would frequently call me on the phone discouraged because the doctors could find nothing wrong with her and yet she had extreme fatigue, anxiety and loss of focus. Desperate to help I sent every vitamin supplement that I could find that promised more energy and well-being. She would try them for a few days or weeks but inevitably would find them ineffective or would make her feel worse. I felt helpless, frustrated and fearful that she would never regain any quality of life. One day while discussing her diet it occurred to me that she may be suffering from malnutrition. She complained of not liking most food and was depending almost entirely on food that was easy to make but not necessarily nutritious. About the same time, I was introduced to Wally Bishop and Vive. After several discussions I sent a can to my aunt and encouraged her to give it a try. Within days I noticed a difference in her voice on the telephone. Her barely audible whisper turned to a strong and much more energetic voice. I heard her laugh for the first time in months. Soon after she reported feeling enough strength to begin taking slow walks in the hallway of her apartment complex. She began to have days where she felt well enough to leave to go shopping or to lunch with her aid. We were both stunned at the difference and we both knew that Vive was the catalyst. She has had a Vive shake every day since that very first day 8 months ago. The quality of her life is dramatically different. She still has bad days where she feels like she has no energy or stamina but they are much less frequent and less severe. I am grateful beyond words for Vive and the difference it has made for this very important woman and our entire family.

Becky M.

Vive is a difference maker in the quality of life for many people. #viveshake

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Wallace Bishop C.N.C.

In 2006 Wally Bishop weighed over 450 lbs. He used whole food nutrition and healthy movement to lose over 200 pounds and keep it off. He is now a Certified Nutritional Consultant and teaches others the simple steps he took that changed the course of his life. Wally created Vive Shake to help others get whole food nutrition, simply. Wally now is a cycling addict and teaches corporate nutrition classes and a 12 week course in his office in Greenville, SC as well as one on one coaching of people trying to lose the weight once and for all and get healthy. @WallyBishopCNC

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