Vive 90 Day Challenge

These were my pants when I weighed over 400 lbs. I am now 200 pounds lighter. Nutrition and exercise are the best way to lose large amounts of weight. I changed my lifestyle and you can too. Weight loss and nutrition made simple. How would you like to shake up your breakfast or lunch, put a straw in it and go? It really is that easy. We want to help you reach your weight loss goals, not with crazy, complicated diets, but with a delicious whole food meal replacement shake.

Wally Bishop CNC

Do you want to lose weight, build health and fuel your body with all the daily nutrition and supplements it needs? Take the Vive Shake 90-Day Challenge!


  • Drink two (2) Vive Shakes per day for 90 days.
  • Mix with water, almond milk, or blend in a smoothie.
  • Vive will make you feel full, give you energy and fill your nutritional reservoirs with organic, whole food nutrition!
  • Vive provides all the nutrition and supplements your body needs for the day.
  • Vive contains natural fat burning ingredients.Vive Shake comes in two delicious flavors: Chocolate & Energy Spice (Chai)

Try it for 90 days! Feel and see the difference.
Easy to digest! Drink Vive Shake as a meal replacement or before or after work outs.


  • Twelve (12) canisters of Vive Shake
  • The Vive "Fat to Fit" 12-Week Online Course
  • Maximize Your Life: Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit by Wally Bishop
  • One (1) Classic Blender Bottle
  • One (1) ProStack Blender Bottle

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